Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Reno, Nevada

Busy livin' the good life right here at the Flying Zebra Ranch!

Charlotte had twins!



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Caris had twins!

Caris gave birth to twins on April 17th.  She had one boy and one girl.  The boy has blue eyes!  See our sales page for availability details.

Caris' buckling- AVAILABLE as a wether

Caris’ buckling- AVAILABLE as a wether

Caris' doeling- AVAILABLECaris’ doeling

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Cybele had her baby!

Cybele had an adorable single buckling last night, March 28th.

He is likely retained to be our buck’s new companion because my children think he is WAY too cute to sell…..


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Some pictures of Violette’s bouncing babies

All 3 cuties

All 3 cuties

Lily (retained)
Lily (sale pending)

The other doeling and buckling (pending sale)
The other doeling and buckling (pending sale)

Nursing kids

Nursing kids

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Violette had her kids!

Violette is now the proud momma of 3 sweet kids, born on Tuesday, February 19th.  2 doelings and 1 buckling.  See the sales page for info on available kids.

Buckling......FOR SALE


Doe #1 (Lily)......AVAILABLE

Doe #1 (Lily)……AVAILABLE

photo (2)

Doeling #2……AVAILABLE

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