Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Reno, Nevada

Busy livin' the good life right here at the Flying Zebra Ranch!

Kidding Schedule

Kidding Schedule for 2015 is here!!! 

As you will notice, these aren’t your typical prepped and posed photos that you may be used to seeing, but that’s just the way we roll.  These photos represent how we see our goats each day and how we love them best.





This is Cobalt, our *S buck.  He has bred with three of our does below.









This is Violette, an excellent milker.

Will sell males as bucklings.

Violette is due on April 15th, 2015






This is Cybele.  Blue eyes possible. Another excellent milker.

She’s spunky and sweet, but fairly camera shy.

Cybele is due on March 13th, 2015







This is Charlotte, my personal favorite.

She is due April 22nd, 2015.

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