Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Reno, Nevada

Busy livin' the good life right here at the Flying Zebra Ranch!

Our Goats


Our nigerian dwarf goats are from top bloodlines, chosen for ease of milking.  We currently have a *S buck, which in goat speak, means that his immediate ancestors are proven milkers and producers of milkers.

The kids are handled daily, resulting in a gentle and friendly disposition.  Children are usually comfortable and at ease with the size of these mini goats.


All of our nigerian dwarf goats are hand milked.  Our does are great milk producers.  The milk is super creamy and delicious.  We have had ample milk to drink, cook and bake with, make cheese, yogurt, ice cream and butter, as well as soap and lotion.


Our does are fed grass hay and alfalfa pellets.  We tried alfalfa hay last year and they became a little too rotund for our taste.  They are offered free choice loose minerals and baking soda.  They enjoy beet pulp, kelp, bran and black oil sunflower seeds for treats….and admittedly an animal cracker or two.  During the last 6 weeks of pregnancy and while lactating, does are offered various grains, black oil sunflower seeds and calf manna daily.  We use a Fir Meadow herbal blend for parasite control. They receive BoSe injections and copper supplements periodically throughout the year.  All kids are disbudded as soon as horn buds begin to come in.




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