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Caris had twin doelings! April 20th, 2014

Caris gave birth to two lovely doelings. One is retained and the other is currently sale pending.

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Pictures of Cybele’s Boys

Wether Wonka- SALE PENDING













Wether Willy- SOLD

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Individual Pictures of Violette’s Triplets

Doeling Taffy- PENDING $325

Doeling Toffee- AVAILABLE $325


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Cybele had twins March 13th, 2014.

Cybele gave birth to twin bucks.  They will be available as wethers for someone on the waiting list!


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Violette had triplets!

Violette had triplets on March 11th.  Two girls and a boy.   Asking $350 for the doelings.  They will make excellent milkers.  The boy may be sold as a buckling for $300.  Individual pictures coming soon.





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Charlotte’s 2014 Kids


Doeling Cocoa- AVAILABLE $300

Doeling Cocoa- AVAILABLE $275

Doeling Caramel- AVAILABLE $300

DoelingCaramel- PENDING $275

Buckling Rolo- to be wethered- PENDING SALE for E.R.
Buckling Rolo- to be wethered- SOLD for E.R. $50


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Charlotte had triplets! March 9th, 2014

Charlotte gave birth to 3 lovely kids.  Two does and a buck.

The two darker ones are does.  The buck who will be sold as a wether is the lightest one in the front.  Individual pictures will be posted soon.  These kids will be available to go to new homes on May 4th.  Please see our sales page for more information.


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2014 kidding seasons starts in just one week!

Charlotte is due on March 5th, kicking off our kidding season.  We have three does due over the course of 5 days.  Stay tuned for adorable kids coming soon!

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Just one doeling remains for sale! (SOLD)

She is Violette’s dark colored doeling “Lily”.    See sales page for info.

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Violette’s two doelings are available! (SOLD)

Friendly and should be fabulous milkers. Born in February.  $250/each.   Available immediately.  See sales page.

Lily's grown up a bit since February!  AVAILABLE $250

Lily’s grown up a bit since February! AVAILABLE $250

Lily in the back (dark brown) and her sister (unnamed) in the front.  Both AVAILABLE $250/each

Lily in the back (dark brown) and her sister (unnamed) in the front. Both AVAILABLE $250/each

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